Pay What You Want For Training On Thwarting Hackers For A Living

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You don’t have to look past the daily headlines for evidence of hackers wreaking havoc on individuals and corporations.

Companies need ethical hackers to keep their sensitive data private, and the Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 training will teach you how to stop hackers in their tracks. These skills are likely to come in handy personally or professionally.

Here are the courses included in the entire bundle:

  • The Complete Ethical Hacking Course for 2016-2017
  • Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch
  • Networks From Scratch to Advanced Implementation
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Information Security Management Fundamentals
  • Web Security: Common Vulnerabilities & Their Mitigation
  • Python for Android Hacking Crash Course: Trojan Perspective
  • Wi-Fi Hacking with Kali


A rundown on how “Pay What You Want’”works: Pay any price to access the final two classes listed on Python and on Wi-Fi hacking, or above the average price to unlock all eight classes.

Plus, access these courses anytime to fit learning into your busy schedule. Learn to start coding… as soon as you pay what you want for the training!