Peanut Butter Banana Cups Will Melt In Your Mouth

Cravings always strike when you least expect them. So, do yourself a favor and make a few easy, go-to snacks ahead of time that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the day.

Salty sweet snacks never fail to make my stomach happy. Sadly, many of those indulgent treats aren’t on the healthy side. Luckily, with a few quick ingredient swaps, you can turn delicious recipes into guilt-free snacks that won’t make you regret your decision to munch.

Blogger SkinnyMs. has just the thing for those of us who love that classic peanut butter chocolate combo. Her Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cup recipe is rich, chocolatey and reminiscent of dessert, but won’t weigh you down.

Featuring more nutritional ingredients, such as dark chocolate, bananas and peanut butter, this snack comes packed with protein and enough substance to fill you up.


The steps are simple to follow. You essentially just spoon melted chocolate into the bottom of a baking cup, and top with a slice of banana and a scoop of peanut butter mixed with coconut oil. Finally, scoop a dollop of chocolate on top of the nugget. Easy, right? Plus, it only requires 20 minutes to freeze before they’re ready to eat.

Another quick recipe that brings together the goodness of chocolate and bananas for a treat that’s arguably better than traditional brownies? Blogger Ambitious Kitchen’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lentil Blondies. These fudgy bars are vegan and gluten-free and feature a surprising ingredient — lentils!

This recipe is unique in that the lentils are cooked and pureed before getting added to the other ingredients, including peanut butter, vanilla and maple syrup. Don’t worry — the other flavors mask the taste of the lentils, but you still get the added moisture and boost of nutrition they provide. Lentils are known for being high in fiber and protein, not to mention they counter fatigue and keep you fuller longer.

In addition, the oatmeal gives these treats extra texture and helps to keep you further satisfied.

Ambitious Kitchen

Sprinkle some sea salt on these babies when they’re fresh out of the oven, and you’ll have a sweet and salty snack that’s healthier and still tastes delicious! If you want to go even sweeter, you can also top your treats with a bit of whipped cream.

If you’re planning on saving these for later, the recipe suggests storing the treats in the freezer. And one final tip: These snacks taste just as good when they’re cold, so you can eat them straight out of the freezer!

Will you try making one of these easy-to-make peanut butter-infused snacks?