Check Out This Woman’s Funny Hack For Trimming Her Dog’s Nails

It looks funny, but it gets the job done!

Clipping your dog’s nails can be harder than it looks. If you’re like me, you usually leave this particular task to the professionals and have the groomer cut your pooch’s nails.

However, with many businesses shuttered amid the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably not heading to the groomer anytime soon. If the click-clacking of your dog’s paws on your floors is driving you nuts, it may be time to take matters into your own hands.

The best strategy for keeping your pup still while you give them a “paw-dicure?” Distraction! Nurse and model Lindsey Shelton has come up with a brilliant hack for this situation, and you’re going to want to try it out on your canine ASAP.

It may sound a little silly, but it’s actually quite genius. First, you need to wrap your head in plastic wrap. Next, smear some peanut butter across the plastic that’s on your forehead. When you bend over to trim your dog’s nails, he’ll be too distracted by licking up the peanut butter to try and stop you.

Watch Shelton demonstrate her amazing strategy in her TikTok video below:

@linds.sheltonNeed help clipping your dogs nails? I gotchu. ##dogsoftiktok ##tiktokdogs ##tiktokdiy ##fyp ##foryoupage ##smallgestures♬ original sound – linds.shelton

As you can see, the trick works like a charm on her dog! Although her partner calls her a “dork” for her antics, Shelton rightly declares herself a “genius” for her creative problem-solving.

After originally posting the video on TikTok, she took to Instagram, where she promised that a “product is in the making.”

Here’s hoping! It may not be the tidiest solution, but it’s definitely effective. The video now has more than 33,000 views on Instagram.

So, how did she come up with this hilariously awesome hack?

“Truly, boredom,” Shelton told PopSugar of what led to her clever solution. “I was being silly and my dogs needed their nails trimmed.” Hey, necessity is the mother of all invention, right?

Would you try out this method on your dog?