A Slice Of Peanut Butter Lovers Swirl Cake Will Solve All Your Problems

Who can resist the salty-sweet combination of a peanut butter cup covered in sweet milk chocolate?

It’s a timeless combo that’s so good that it makes nothing else matter — at least for those indulgent moments while the candy is melting in your mouth. So, peanut butter lovers, are you ready for what is virtually guaranteed to be your new go-to recipe when that sweet craving hits? Introducing the Peanut Butter Lovers Swirl Cake, a chocolate fudge swirl loaf that’s packed with all the peanut butter cup goodness you can imagine.

Betty Crocker

Though called a loaf, it’s really a cake. It’s super easy to bake and only requires six ingredients to make, one of which is your traditional yellow cake mix. The cake part of this concoction is swirled with peanut butter cups and chocolate syrup to create a decadent base for a load of toppings. And when we say load, we mean it! It’s piled high with peanut butter cups and drizzled with both chocolate syrup and a peanut butter glaze.

For a slightly more refined take on this dessert, blogger Betsy Life has a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Bundt Cake that looks fabulous. Her take on the dessert steers clear of the actual peanut butter cup candy and instead uses the real ingredients, such as peanut butter and cocoa powder, to mimic that flavor on its own. The cake will require more effort and time than an out-of-the-box cake, however, it will be well worth it. This recipe calls for two batters: one chocolate and one peanut butter, both of which end up being swirled together in your bundt pan before being baked to perfection.

Just take a look at the finished masterpiece!

Besty Life

The toppings, while not chunks of peanut butter cups, is equally appealing. You’ll love not only the way the chocolate drizzle and peanut butter ganache look on top of your masterpiece of a cake, but you’ll also go crazy for how good the combination of the two taste!

Is anyone drooling yet?