Peanut Butter Mixed With Cereal Is The Treat You Didn’t Know You Needed

Peanut butter is pretty amazing on its own and makes some great combinations, too. Peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey and peanut butter and chocolate are all classic pairings. But how about breakfast-cereal flavored peanut butter? We hadn’t thought of that before but it just might work!

A company called The Peanut Principle makes three cereal-flavored peanut butters, which are all part of their Cereously Good line: Cereously Good Fruity Crisp Peanut Butter, Cereously Good Cinnamon Crisp Peanut Butter and Cereously Good Cocoa Puffed Rice Peanut Butter. Smooth peanut butter with the satisfying, sweet crunch of cereal? Count me in!

Instagram snack blogger Junk Banter shared an image of the Fruity Crisp flavor, as well as a review of the decadent-looking treat:

Junk Banter gave a thumbs up to two of the three flavors. The caption reads:

“Guys, sometimes you can’t explain why something works so well, but Fruity Pebbles + Peanut Butter WORKS. I swear to you, the cereal flavor jumps at you right out the gate before finishing with a peanut butter’s trademark saltiness.”

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch-inspired flavor was also lauded as “predictably great,” while the Cocoa Crisp-inspired flavor was more disappointing, thanks to an unappetizing texture and an underwhelming flavor.

The Cereously Good Peanut Butters are available on the Peanut Principle site for $7.99 a pop. I can see these as a delicious spread on toast, a banana or even waffles!

However, if the idea of cereal and peanut butter just doesn’t make sense to you, The Peanut Principle offers other inventive flavors for peanut butter lovers with a sweet tooth. Dashing Thru the Dough is gourmet chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter, Life of Pie is gourmet pumpkin pie spice peanut butter, Jungle A’ Peel  is gourmet banana peanut butter and Tough Cookie is cookies ‘n cream peanut butter.

Would you try any of these unique flavors, or do you prefer your peanut butter on its own?

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