This Pump Makes Spreading Peanut Butter So Much Easier

The list of reasons to love peanut butter goes on and on, but its one downfall is getting it out of the jar. The endless scraping necessary to really clean out a jar of peanut butter was enough to drive one dad to invent a product that would forever solve this problem: the Peanut Butter Pump.

Andy Scherer was tired of scraping and spreading peanut butter with a knife, so he invented an attachment that easily replaces the lid of peanut butter jar with a pump contraption that squirts out the peanut butter and cleans the side of the jar as it dispenses — making your peanut butter applying days easier than ever before!

There are two nozzles, so you can easily squirt peanut butter into smoothies, oatmeal and more as well as a “ribbon nozzle” that yields a wider distribution of peanut butter for quickly making sandwiches.

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate how the Peanut Butter Pump works:

Need this in your life? Clearly, many peanut-butter lovers agree that this is a dream product because the pump has surpassed its goal of earning $20,000 through crowdfunding site Indiegogo twice over (it was over $44,000 at the time of publication). So, while there are many PB eaters clamoring after this product, the good news is that it could become even more widely accessible in the future.

For now though, you can still pre-order a pump for an estimated August 2019 delivery for $25 for one pump and $42 for two on Indiegogo.

The responses to this product online prove that people are fascinated by the idea of easier peanut butter application:

Twitter user @NikHenke does wish this was “more like a tap,” which would require a peanut butter keg — and that’s an idea we can get behind.

And Twitter user @meanwinniejean wrote that this was a “need” for the “peanut butter-obsessed.” Agreed!:

However, Twitter user @Holstein pointed out that some might miss the step of licking the knife after making a sandwich with this new invention:

But then, there’s always this step to enjoy, as Twitter user @theplayideas pointed out:

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time someone’s come up with a hack for spreading peanut butter, either. Who knew this was such a major issue?

One mom and food blogger, Bev Weidner of Bev Cooks, shared an easy way to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without the bread falling apart with Food Network. Her trick? Freezing the peanut butter in “sheets” before placing it on the pieces of bread. See how this suggestion plays out via the Food Network YouTube channel:

Whether you’re prone to peanut butter problems or you’re always looking for a new way to eat it, you’re in luck because, apparently, people are always searching for ways to make peanut butter even more enjoyable!