This Totally Silly Peanut Butter Sandwich ‘Hack’ Has Moms Cracking Up

peanut butter sandwich hack
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If you thought spreading peanut butter onto a slice of bread was simple, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Except … not really.

The Food Network posted a peanut butter sandwich “hack” to Facebook that—rather than saving time as you’d expect—is actually extremely complicated. It has moms everywhere cracking up and venting their frustrations about how truly ridiculous this alleged “time-saver” actually is.

In the video, host Bev Weidner of the blog Bev Cooks is frustrated by how difficult it is to spread peanut butter without having the bread crumble. This hasn’t ever really been much of an issue for us, but let’s hear her out.

Her solution to this immense problem? Spreading the peanut butter onto parchment paper, rolling it out with a rolling pin, freezing it, cutting it into squares while it’s frozen, placing it on the bread and then waiting for it to thaw before feeding it to the kids. Easy as that, right?

Don’t believe this is an actual suggestion? Watch the video for yourself.

If you find this peanut butter sandwich hack ridiculous, then you’re having a similar reaction to most of the 9.4 million people who have watched this video online.

Moms and peanut butter lovers alike have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on the best way to apply peanut butter. (Spoiler alert: Most people don’t think it involves a freezer.)

The initial reaction to this video? Eye roll.

Who wouldn’t want to put in extra effort for the same result, right?

And clearly, people on Twitter know what’s up. There are two types of people in this world, and the category you fall under all depends on how you apply your peanut butter.

The comments on the original Facebook post were equally ruthless (and humorous!):

If you’re looking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich hack that might actually make your life easier, there’s a great video on YouTube that suggest making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in advance and then freezing them so that you can easily throw the sandwich in your child’s lunch box before they head off to school.

This also seems like a great idea for a family beach trip or day spent at the park.

But hey, if you happen to have tons of extra time to kill (wouldn’t that be nice!) you can always give the frozen peanut butter slice method a try.

[H/t Working Mother]

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