Uncrustables Has A New Sandwich That’s Only Peanut Butter

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Good news for kids who don’t want jelly on their sandwiches (and the adults trying to feed them): Smuckers has recently rolled out a new peanut butter-only Uncrustables sandwich.

Filled with nothing but creamy peanut butter, it’s a perfect on-the-go lunch or snack option. The sandwiches come in a four-pack in the freezer aisle (which means they can be frozen at home, too.) And because this is a product called “Uncrustables,” the flying saucer-shaped bites don’t feature regular sandwich crusts.

Let’s just say, social media is loving it:

Of course, as happy as this news made Uncrustables fans, some did still have a few questions for the Smuckers’ brand:


Sadly, Uncrustables made with crunchy peanut butter are not yet on the horizon, but who knows what could happen?

Uncrustables Peanut Butter Sandwich is just one of the many Uncrustables options out there for the kids (and the kids-at-heart). Peanut Butter and Honey is one popular item:

Ditto for Chocolate-Flavored Hazelnut Spread Uncrustables:

Now, if the idea of paying for PB& J sandwiches has you death-gripping your wallet, never fear. You can make crustless sandwiches at home with a copycat recipe. At One Good Thing, blogger Jillee shows readers how to make their own homemade “uncrustables.”

One Good Thing

At 100 Days of Real Food, blogger Lisa offers a similar homemade tutorial, as well as some good ideas of what you can do with all those leftover crusts (breadcrumbs, bread pudding or stuffing!).

She also advises that you buy a “de-crusting” tool. She uses a plain sandwich cutter from Wonder Bread, but you can find lots of cool options and make your ‘uncrustables’ into cool shapes like hearts, stars and animals.

This option from Amazon runs about $10, and can also be used as a rice mold or for baking cookies, cakes, and more:


Would you try the new peanut butter Uncrustables? Or will you be making your peanut butter sandwiches (with or without jelly) at home?

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