Peanut, a new phone app, allows moms to connect with each other

Let’s be real. Being a mom is not an easy task. And if caring for little people wasn’t hard enough, there’s also that fact that the job can be an isolating one.

Sure, there are plenty of websites and Facebook groups you can join. But isn’t there a better way?

Maybe. One new app may just revolutionize the way parents are connecting.

Peanut, now available on iOS, is an app that helps connects moms with others who live in the same area. In a way, it’s sort of like Tinder. But instead of dates and/or casual encounters, Peanut is strictly for moms who want to meet friends. You know, for company and playdates.


The app was developed by two people who both had the collective experience needed to make Peanut become a reality. Co-founder Michelle Kennedy spent six years working as General Council and deputy CEO for the online dating company Badoo, and she also was involved in the creation of the dating app Bumble.

Peanut’s other co-founder, Greg Orlowski, is the co-founder of Deliveroo, a takeaway delivery service for restaurants.

So How Does The App Work?

Similar to dating apps, Peanut uses a swiping feature for moms to connect with potential friends. Swiping up will signal a wave and a swipe down allows you to skip a fellow mom’s profile. The idea is to help you connect with moms who have shared interests, work situations, etc.

The app also allows users to show how many children they have, and their ages.

Instead of writing out a description about yourself, the app allows you to select “buttons” to help you best describe your interests and personality.


When two moms end up matching, the app allows them to start a chat right away in the “match screen.”


There’s also a feature that allows for group chats, where a mom can suggest a planned activity and then poll fellow moms for their preferred time. Once the poll has ended, the poll will transform into an invite, even allowing you to add the proposed activity to your calendar.

So there you have it, fellow moms. The app that is not only free, but just might help you find a new BFF, and some new friends for your kiddos, of course.