This Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster Seems Terrifying

Amusement parks are packed with thrills, but arguably one of the scariest roller coasters surprisingly isn’t one that moves at high speeds or does crazy turns and flips, instead it’s pedal-powered.

Yeah, it may not sound scary, but trust me, it sure looks like it’d really get your heart pumping. You see, there are no guardrails or any kind of protective gear of any kind. A single seatbelt is all you have to keep you “safe” from the roller coaster’s four-story drop.

So, where is this “roller coaster,” aptly named the SkyCycle? It’s located in the Washuzan Highland Park in Japan. So, you’ll have to travel quite a ways to see sights from this vantage point, but if you’re not too afraid it definitely seems like taking a ride across thing thing would be worth the trip.

The views from the top are definitely amazing and maybe even worth the death-defying ride, if you’re brave enough to pedal your way across it, that is.

Take a look at the ride and see if it’s something you could tackle, you adrenaline junkie, you.

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Think you’re up for the challenge?

[h/t: Business Insider]