Peep on a Perch is the Elf on the Shelf of Easter

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If you or your kids are already yearning for Elf on the Shelf season, you’re in luck. There’s an alternative for Easter — it’s called Peep On a Perch.

The incredibly popular marshmallow chicks are now available in small, plush form with an accompanying storybook to explain the Peep’s purpose to your children.

Peep On a Perch was first released in 2018 but has been making headlines this year. Which would explain why it’s currently out of stock on Amazon. However, you can still find it online at Target, Barnes and NobleBooks A Million and other online retailers. It retails for between about $18–25 depending upon where you buy it.

Penguin Random House

According to the publisher’s description of Peep on a Perch, the Peep fulfills much the same role as the Elf on a Shelf, keeping an eye on children to ensure that they, “get ready for bed without making a fuss, help out around the house, and use good manners.”

“And the more kindness the Easter Peep sees,” continues the description, “the happier the Easter Peep gets!”

Unlike the Elf, however, children can move the Peep around themselves. And while the plush Easter Peep is significantly bigger than those you eat, it’s still easy for small hands to carry.


One Amazon reviewer mom praised the product, saying, “We’ve read the story several times, and while we haven’t done anything to encourage that the Peep is watching, [my daughter] has taken to doing random chores within its sight.”

You can also download an acts of kindness chart to go along with the Peep On a Perch via the Peeps’ site.

The accompanying book does say that the more good deeds a child does, the happier the Peep On a Perch gets, and that kids might expect to get an extra treat in their Easter baskets if they’re acting extra kind in the days leading up to Easter. But there are no threats that the Easter bunny won’t visit if they aren’t good.

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