You Can Now Buy Peeps Coffee Creamer

Easter might not be until the end of April (the holiday lands on Sunday, April 21 this year), but for Peeps-lovers, it’s never too early to start watching for the fluorescent-sugared, marshmallow chicks and bunnies. And rumor has it that a special new Peeps treat will be hitting refrigerated shelves very soon.

International Delight is introducing Peeps Coffee Creamer, coming soon to most major retailers.

However, you might actually be able to grab some now. Several Peeps-loving shoppers have snagged bottles and shared their finds on Twitter, such as @CandyHunting, who showed a bottle of the cold liquid and wrote, “The creamer is light yellow in color and tastes like they concentrated 5000 marshmallows into every ounce. Found it at Walmart.”

Mixed Reactions

Peeps seem to be one of those polarizing foods, such as candy corn or black licorice. You either can’t get enough of them or you detest them. Social media reactions about the creamer prove this point.

Tyfanee Heller took to Facebook to share her excitement, writing, “Sooo if this is real I’m stocking up on these omg…”

On the flip side, the Peeps-loathers are sharing their disdain. Rebecca Green tweeted, “If you serve me coffee with Peeps creamer in it I am assuming you hate me and the drink is an assassination attempt, just for the record…”

And some people are simply curious.

Greta Jean Roberts posted on Facebook, “Ok I hate peeps I think they are gross and belong in the trash but I do love Peep flavored Oreos. This however has me baffled and curious …”

Grab It While You Can

If you are team Pro Peeps and can’t wait to taste the sweet, marshmallow goodness in your morning cup of Joe, you might want to start looking now and buy it when you find it. International Coffee states that the sweet coffee addition will only be available during the Easter season. Don’t let it hop away before you get to try it!