Peeps is launching 8 new flavors just in time for Easter

Easter is still several weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to indulge in your favorite Easter candy. Other than Cadbury eggs, my all-time favorite Easter candy is Peeps. I love the crispy-yet-spongy texture, the sugary-sweet taste and, of course, the adorable designs!

And now, Peeps is launching eight—yes, EIGHT—new flavors just in time for Easter. Everyone’s favorite combo of sweet colored sugar and fluffy marshmallow is getting an update. With new flavors like Sour Cherry and Pancakes and Syrup, Peeps lovers are going to be treated to a whole new repertoire of flavor.


There are also new Peeps Filled Delights, which are Peeps filled with sweet and creamy filling. These new offerings include Peeps Delights Lemon Sherbet, Peeps Delights Orange Sherbet and Peeps Delights Neapolitan (which comes with chocolate and strawberry filling). Yum!


Oh, and here’s the best part: Peeps is also going to have “mystery” flavors on the shelves. These plain white Peeps are simply marked “Mystery #1,” “Mystery #2” and “Mystery #3,” so you have to buy them and taste them to figure out what flavor they are. Once you think you know the right answer, go on social media and tag @PEEPSBrand using the hashtag #mysterypeeps. Before Easter, Peeps will reveal what the mystery flavors are, so you can find out if you were right!

Just a heads up: The Mystery Flavors are only available at Walmart, but you can find the other new Peeps flavors at Kroger, Target and other grocery stores.

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As for the guessing game, lots of people are already getting into the fun and posting their official flavor conclusions, such as this Peeps lover, Instagram user @caitlinweatherly, who thinks Mystery Flavor #1 is S’mores:

Instagram user @mtaylor15300 disagrees, however, thinking that Mystery Flavor #1 is chocolate!

While Peeps lover @finneyi guessed that Mystery Flavor #1 is root beer!

Hmm, now I’m curious. These guesses are all so wildly different. Come on Peeps, can’t you at least give us a hint!?

I guess I’d better just eat them all and find out for myself!

If you’re a true Peeps fanatic, you no doubt sampled the Peeps-flavored Oreo cookies that came out last year. The cookies were kind of a fun concept, or a bizarre novelty at least, but apparently some people who ate them reported pink stool as a result!

Did you know you can make your own Peeps at home? The ingredient list isn’t too extensive, and the process is easier than you might imagine given how sticky marshmallows can be.

Check out this tutorial from Ashlee Marie Cakes:

And no matter your favorite Peeps flavor, use them to make these delicious s’mores:

[h/t: TODAY]