People Who Age Well Reguarly Do These 5 Things

People come in all shapes and sizes, meaning all of the health advice on the Internet may be applicable to one person and not another. But no matter how healthy or unhealthy you think you are, there is something that will happen to everyone – all of us will age.

But no matter how in shape you are, there are certain habits you can pick up in your life that can ease you into aging as gracefully as possible. Consider incorporating some (or all) of these things into your daily life so that you can continue to be your best self:

1. Remain Positive About Aging

Seniors who are more positive about aging and see it as a time for more wisdom over wrinkles are 40 percent more likely to recover from disability, according to this 2012 study by The Journal of the American Medical Association.

2. Moisturize Regularly

You know that moisturizing can play a hand in helping you look younger but it also keeps your skin hydrated and soft. There are many types of moisturizers out there and knowing which one is the best for you will prove beneficial as you age.

3. Get Some Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation has set its recommended hours of sleep that each age group should be getting. From when you’re 18 to 65 and older, it is recommended to sleep 7-9 hours a night, debunking the misconception that you don’t need as much sleep when you get older.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet

By now, we know that eating healthy will help you age and even extend your life by preventing diseases such as diabetes. So taking the next step and actually changing your diet for the better will improve your health. The Mediterranean diet could be a good start.

5. Get Active

Here’s why exercising is actually really important: It can help treat chronic conditions seen in aging adults such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. If you don’t like exercising, find your own way to be active. From zumba classes to kayaking, there are so many ways to exercise.

Photo by Woody H1