People Are Applauding This Mom For Teaching Her Son About Household Chores

Do you believe that boys and girls should pitch in equally around the house? Most of us would say that equality matters when it comes to household chores, yet the reality is that by adulthood, most women do several more hours of housework a week than men. This is true even when women have full-time jobs outside the home.

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Mom Says Housework Not ‘Just For Women’

One mom decided it was time to change all that. In October 2016, Nikkole Paulun shared a post on Facebook about her son doing chores around the house. She wants her son, Lyle, to be adept at household duties from cooking to cleaning to laundry, so she ensures he pitches in around the house.

The mom then posted pictures of Lyle loading a dishwasher and helping to cook a meal, and the post has since gone viral (with over 63,000 shares as of April 2018).

Teaching Moment Or Too Much Too Soon?

Many people are saying that Paulun is rocking it as a mom, and they are applauding her not only for teaching gender equality, but for helping her son to have crucial life skills. Cooking and cleaning aren’t just important for girls to learn, everyone needs to have the ability to be self-sufficient.

As Paulun writes, “My son will never be too ‘manly’ to cook or do chores. He will be the kind of man who can come inside from changing a tire to check on his pot roast.”

However, some people are criticizing the young mom (Paulun was featured on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”), as they say that “kids should be kids” and they shouldn’t have to work so hard or be Paulun’s “slave.”

Others questioned if Paulun would teach her 1-year-old daughter typical “male” chores when she gets older, such as changing a tire.

“Yes my daughter will know how to do all of those things. She’s just too young to teach still. They’re raised seeing me do both since I’m a single mother,” Paulun responded on Facebook.

As for the comments that she works her son too hard, Paulun wrote: “He’s definitely not my slave lol. I enjoy and do the majority of the housework. My son just helps along the way & earns allowance as well.”

She also reassured her followers that her son gets plenty of downtime, as you could see from this picture of him playing video games!

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Other mamas have enjoyed showing off their kids (boys and girls) helping out around the house with chores.

Instagram user mamalarkin got a picture of her kids getting the car cleaned up during an unusually warm January day.

And, what if your have a really little one at home? It’s never too soon to for some kids to want to get in on the fun of chores, according to katieloupops

Sometimes the smallest ones get the biggest excitement out of helping mom, like‘s little boy with the laundry! He makes it look like an adventure!

So, what do you think? Should boys and girls both tackle the same chores at home?

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