People are getting tattoos of their favorite Pyrex patterns


If you’ve got a stocked kitchen, you’ve likely got some Pyrex lying around. These heat-resistant glass bowls are invaluable for mixing ingredients, melting butter, storing leftovers and more. It’s easy to see why cooks love Pyrex. The glass containers certainly come in handy when preparing a dish. But did you know that people love their Pyrex products so much they’re getting tattoos to match?

According to a number of posts on Instagram, people are paying tribute to vintage Pyrex patterns by getting them permanently inked on their bodies. For some, nostalgia plays a factor in the decision to get Pyrex-inspired tattoos. Instagram user @hellfirefemme, for example, got a tattoo featuring a Pyrex in honor of her grandma.

“A mixing bowl of pie like my Gam used to make,” the caption reads:

Others seem to simply love the floral designs that many Pyrex collections feature, such as Instagram user and “lover of Pyrex” @awesomeorrwhat:

There are plenty of people who don’t seem to mind matching their cookware. Instagram user @freshsunshineflowers showed exactly what inspired her own cookware-themed tattoo:

And because Pyrex is practically indestructible, couples are even using these tattoos as a symbol of their “forever love,” as @1_800_galusha showed on Instagram:

Some husbands are even wearing Pyrex on their arm to pay homage to their wives, as proud wife and Pyrex fan @brittneecoomer showed off on Instagram:

If you decide to get a Pyrex tattoo, you may find yourself matching when you least expect it. Instagram user @tairyncatsalot realized she and some good ol’ Pyrex were practically twins when she was doing the dishes:

In 1908, the glass you know as Pyrex began being manufactured, and it’s still being made today, so its timelessness is undeniable. Whether you’re honoring your grandma, showcasing a love of cooking or matching your partner, there are plenty of reasons you might want to consider getting something as timeless as a Pyrex design in the form of a tattoo.

While Pyrex has updated to keep up with the times — you can find leftover containers that read “Treat Yo’ Self” on the Pyrex website, for example — you can still find vintage patterns to inspire your next tattoo. Start by checking your grandma’s kitchen and, if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, sites such as Etsy and eBay have vintage Pyrex for your viewing/shopping pleasure, too.

Feeling inspired to get a Pyrex tattoo?

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