People Are Loving Bruno, An Adorable But High-Maintenance Cat Who Just Found His Forever Home

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Bruno is an adorable, 7-year-old cat who was looking for his forever home until recently. Bruno was living at Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois, and he sounds pretty amazing — if a little high-maintenance. You see, Bruno is a pretty typical cat in that he enjoys lounging, playing with a feather toy and being scratched. It’s just that Bruno’s preferences are a little more specific than that.

For example, while he likes being petted on the top his head and neck, his tummy is strictly off-limits. He also prefers for a human to pet him while he eats, and he likes to drink his water out of a bowl that is placed in a completely different room from his food, his foster people say. And Bruno is a bit overweight, so he’s on a diet.

Wright Way Rescue posted these photos and more about the quirky kitty who was up for adoption, and it has since gone viral:

Oh, and did we mention he’s a polydactyl cat? Look at his “thumbs!”

The post also features the cat standing upright, which is another of Bruno’s peculiar habits. The shelter started their post with the assertion that he was “too cool to be homeless.

Although Bruno is pretty particular about certain things, it sounds like when it comes down to it, he’s pretty chill:

“Overall, I am a pretty laid back, lazy cat who just wants to be in the presence of my owners,” the post reads. “I hear I make them laugh and smile every single day, so I hope I can do the same for you!”

The shelter posted about Bruno on Aug. 15, and the post has since been shared more than 25,000 times. Tons of people contacted the shelter to express their interest in adopting Bruno, so later, they updated the post to let everyone know that this distinctive feline is still considering all his options.

Wright Way also shared a picture of him “reviewing” these applicants:

On the updated Facebook post, the shelter wrote: “He has been VERY excited with all of the interest, so he’s taking the time to review all of his adoption applications to see which home he’d like best. He is high maintenance after all! If you haven’t yet, please fill out an online application so he can review over the next week!”

Then, on Aug. 21, the shelter posted a photo of a staff member calling Bruno’s new owners! Bruno was there to oversee the phone call, of course:

We’re so happy Bruno found his perfect forever home! Here are his new owners:

The best part? They’ve created an Instagram account for Bruno so you can keep following his adorable antics! Best news ever.

Here’s Bruno enjoying his new digs, which we must say look quite swanky:

Here’s to a long, happy life for Bruno and his new forever parents!

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