People are now wearing nose warmers

Winter is coming and that means it’s time to pull out all your cold weather gear. Dig out your scarves, unearth your hats and locate your mittens. And then maybe consider this latest winter accessory.

This year, people are wearing nose warmers. That’s right, there are mini knitted caps made to cover only your nose.

Similar in style to a clown nose, these accessories look pretty silly and will probably cause many giggles and confused stares. However, what they lack in looks they make up for in functionality. When the temperature drops, having toasty extremities often wins out over looking fashionable.

The Nose Warmer Company

According to the website, The Nose Warmer Company started when founder Sally Steel-Jones sought a solution for her own cold nose. It worked so well she wanted to share her invention. Based in the United Kingdom, the Nose Warmer Company now warms cold noses all over the world.

So far, customers seem to love it. Many of them have shared their feedback with the company, like @GraceLouiseDye, who posted a photo of herself to Twitter while wearing the nose warmer and called it “brilliant.”

Another customer said, “My family thought I was going mad, so now they can be sure I have, it is warm though!”

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As for the holidays, another customer shared that he is set: “What a great stocking filler, my wife will be happy.”

The Nose Warmer Company focuses on just the one cozy product. It comes in a wide range of fabrics and colors. You can choose from fleece, two kinds of crocheted wool and faux fur fabrics. From there, you have even more options for colors and prints. There are exotic animal prints including giraffe and zebra, a classic tartan, camo and plenty of bright solid colors.

It seems like there’s something for every chilly nose! Each style features two straps that loop around your ears to keep the nose warmer secure.

The Nose Warmer Company

They’re affordable, too. Even with international shipping charges added, a nose warmer costs about $12.

Are you brave (or cold) enough to rock a nose warmer this winter?