People Can’t Get Enough Of This Guy Using A Tiny Tugboat To Get Down The River

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Cruising down the river in your own kayak may seem to be an idyllic way to pass the time on a lazy afternoon. But what if you’re too tired to row row row your boat gently down the stream? You get your own tiny tugboat to pull you, naturally.

U.K. resident Mick Carroll noticed this man gliding through the water being pulled by a remote-control tugboat. In his Facebook post, Carroll said “Don’t ya just love eccentric’s [sic], seen this fella as we were passin’ thru Market Drayton gettin’ pulled along by a remote control tug, brilliant.”

Mick Carroll/Facebook

In his post, Carroll¬†also said “As he was goin’ past he shouted ‘Just when you thought you’d seen everything!’ Was laughin’ me head off.” Looks like he may have gotten his boat here.

Mashable covered this man’s genius means of travel, and their post’s now been shared more than 20,000 times. We can see why.

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