People are going nuts for the new ‘Night Blossom’ drink at Disney’s Pandora

Remember the Unicorn Frappuccino and how everyone (and their mother) went crazy for it? Well, now there’s a new frozen drink to command the public’s attention, but there’s a catch: It’s only available at Disney’s new Avatar-themed land, Pandora: The World of Avatar, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s called the Night Blossom, and it sounds AMAZING.

First of all, unlike the Unicorn Frap (which got extremely mixed reviews, most of them negative), the Night Blossom actually tastes good. So feel free to order it for more than just its looks which, for the record, are just plain cool: Layers of fluorescent green and pink topped with orange boba balls make it look seriously space-age. Park visitors excited to snag one of the new drinks are taking to social media to share the Instagram-worthy pics of the beverage.

The drink is available at the Pongu Pongu drink stand—that apparently translates to “Party Party” in Na’vi, the language spoken by the native people of Pandora. The pink and green layers are made up of limeade, apple and pear flavors. The orange boba balls (made from sweet tapioca flour) are passion-fruit flavored. It’s definitely a lot of sugar to be downing in one cup, but the frozen treat is perfect for hot and humid Florida weather.

You can purchase the Night Blossom drink with or without a souvenir Pongu Mug. The souvenir mug even comes with a glowing Unadelta seed that clips onto the side of the glass. Warning—the souvenir cup will set you back a whopping $20, so unless you’re trying to build your collection, just get the drink alone (it still costs almost $5, but at Disney that’s par for the course). And seriously, $5 seems worth it to try this wacky concoction—these park visitors sure think so!

If the Night Blossom drink doesn’t grab you, or you’re just in need of a stiff drink, the Pongu Pongu stand also serves a Mo’ara Margarita. This frozen cocktail is a mixture of Sauza Conmemorativo Añejo Tequila with strawberry and blood orange flavors. It’s also topped with boba balls, but in strawberry flavor instead of passion fruit.

So, are you going to try this fruity new drink next time you’re at Disney? Or will you stick to just making your own smoothies?