Mental health advocate explains what people with depression mean when they say ‘I’m tired’


In today’s society, it’s not uncommon to hear people proclaim, “I’m tired.” And it’s not a surprise. We’re all super busy, and most of us aren’t getting enough sleep. Sometimes, though, “I’m tired” actually takes on a deeper meaning. For those with mental illness, saying they’re tired can indicate a bit more than the fact that they didn’t get enough shut-eye the night before. Mental health advocate Pauline Palita explained perfectly why those suffering from mental illness are so exhausted.

“Allow me to explain Why Mental Illnesses Can Make People So Tired,” writes Palita. “Chances are, if you know someone with a mental disorder or disability, you might have asked them or thought, ‘Why are you so tired?'”

Then, in a series of tweets, Palita laid out the many reasons that those suffering from mental illness can feel so drained. She explained that people with mental illnesses often have interrupted sleep:

She likens the burden of mental illness to a battery that never completely recharges:

She describes the relentless nature of negative thoughts that may overtake a person:

And that for those with mental illness, everyday experiences can be overwhelming:

The energy required to try and interpret others’ thoughts and feelings can be too much to take:

Palita notes that medications people take to manage their conditions can have side effects that amplify their exhaustion:

She also enumerates the other physical ways in which mental illness can manifest and contribute to a lack of energy, including tense muscles, frequent headaches, an impaired immune system and changes in appetite:

Palita wraps up her thread by encouraging people to question what someone really means when they say “I’m tired.” She says that when someone says they’re tired, they might be crying out for help:

She cautions against thinking people are lazy or irrational for their feelings of exhaustion, and to instead try to imagine everything they might be going through. She asks that everyone practice patience and empathy when dealing with others’ feelings:

Palita offers some great insight into the challenges of living with mental illness, and we hope that her words will inspire everyone to have more understanding for each other.

[h/t: BuzzFeed News]


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