People In Oregon Are Practicing Yoga With Goats

Yoga is a wonderful practice: It can help you relax and get in shape, and it does wonders for both the body and the mind. There are many types of yoga, but a new practice is popping up in Oregon and it’s quite unique. I’ll give you a hint: It involves goats.

That’s right. You can take a “Goat Yoga Class” at the No Regrets Farm in Willamette Valley, Oregon. So what exactly does goat yoga entail? Well, it’s just your typical traditional yoga class conducted in the presence of goats. So while you’re getting into that down dog, don’t be surprised if one of the animals begins to graze on some grass beside you.

Lainey Morse/No Regrets Farm

It sounds pretty perplexing why anyone would want to get zen in the presence of farm animals, but according to the farm owner Lainey Morse, goats are therapy animals, and they act to create a calming loving environment.

Hey, you can’t knock it until you try it!