People Really Want Idris Elba To Be The Next James Bond

It’s that time again when there’s speculation that Idris Elba might be cast as James Bond.

For years, this has been a request (and by “request,” we mean “demand”) of many who could totally see the “Luther” star slipping into a tuxedo to play everyone’s favorite spy.

This time, a report from U.K. publication The Daily Star has stirred excitement. In it, director Antoine Fuqua says that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli believes it’s time to bring some diversity to the role and has left the door open for Elba to potentially succeed the current 007, Daniel Craig.

Mind you, no one has confirmed this publicly as of yet and CNN has reached out to reps for Elba, Broccoli and Fuqua.

But already Twitter is excited about the possibility, naturally.

Twitter user @calvinstowell says the studio would be “lucky” to get Elba for the part:

Meanwhile, other fans, such as @wordtoJude on Twitter, are excited because they’ve been “asking for this for years”:

Twitter user @softhiddles can’t wait to see if Elba gets the role:

And Twitter user @blazecraze thinks the actor should get all of the roles available in the industry:

The 45-year-old Elba has also been endorsed by a former 007.

Actor Pierce Brosnan told the Radio Times back in 2015 he thought Elba would make a good Bond (though in June 2018, he threw his support behind Tom Hardy as the next spy who loves us.)

For his part, Elba told CNN in 2014 that he would love to play the role.

Idris Elba photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

“It would be such an honor,” he said. “I mean what do we have to do here? We have to wear beautiful suits, drive nice cars, chase bad guys and date beautiful women? I dunno, sounds good to me.”

Over the weekend, Elba fueled the rumors by tweeting a photo of himself with the caption “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba.”

However, that promising post was followed shortly by another tweet from Elba that read, “Don’t believe the HYPE…”

It looks like only time will tell if we’ll get the chance to see Elba as James Bond.

Written by Lisa Respers France for CNN.

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