People on Twitter are sharing the moment they fell in love and it’s so sweet

We have BuzzFeed writer Kat Angus to thank for providing some of the sweetest content you’ll ever see online. Just last week, she posted to Twitter asking people to share stories of the moment they fell in love with their significant other, and people online responded with an outpouring of adorable relationship moments. In fact, the tweet has since garnered nearly 2,000 responses, about 800 retweets, and almost 5,000 likes. What can we say? People love love.

The tweet that inspired so much sweet reminiscing? It simply read, “Please tell me about the first time you thought ‘oh yes, that person, they’re the one I want’ about your significant other.”

And that was all it took for people to open up about that very special moment. Immediately, the floodgates opened!

Some of the stories that resulted are silly and cute—like this one involving a squirrel, for example:

Some love stories were shaped over a nice meal:

Other couples bonded over puppies:

Some of these stories are extremely heartfelt:

Even those who are just reading about these love stories can’t help but comment on how truly touching they are.

This isn’t the first time love stories shared virtually have had people everywhere reaching for the tissues. Recently, writer Nicole Cliffe posed the question, “How did your parents meet?” on Twitter, and others online flooded the social media platform with stories of how their parents and even their grandparents first fell in love.

What can we say? When you know, you know. And when you know, the world would really appreciate it if you shared that moment online. Angus is certainly glad she posed this question and created this very special moment on Twitter:

And honestly, we’re pretty happy, too. Because considering what usually happens on social media, there’s something extra special about people spreading the love online.