People are sharing how their parents met and these love stories will send you reaching for tissues

The internet can be a space for hateful, disparaging comments, but it can also be a place for good. Case in point: People on Twitter are sharing stories of how their parents met, and these sweet love tales are absolute mood boosters.

This outpouring of love started when writer Nicole Cliffe tweeted the simple question, “How did your parents meet?” From there, the stories came pouring in, and the tweet eventually garnered over 2,000 responses.

The stories people shared are fascinating and romantic. Take a look at a few of them. Oh, and have a box of tissues handy!

Some stories are cute and funny:

This one started off as a prank, but it’s nice to see someone has a sense of humor, you know?

Then there are the stories that will make you cry because you’re just so overwhelmed with joy:

These high school sweethearts celebrated 50 years together before the wife’s passing. *Blows nose*

People were also sharing epic tales of how their grandparents met:

People were really enjoying this Twitter dialogue, but they especially loved this story. In response to this incredible tale of grandparents who fell in love and later went off to war, one person responded, “This is the best story in the world.”

But we’d have to say that all of them are great and special in their own way!

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has posed this question online. A few years ago, someone asked the same question on Reddit. The responses came rolling in. Quite a few of the stories told of major strokes of luck. One Reddit user’s story is long, but they summarize it as, “Guy takes girls chair, she comes back and says yes to sitting on his lap; the rest is history.” If one little thing had gone differently, this couple wouldn’t have wound up together. Funny how life works out like that, huh?

And there’s more “aww”-inducing content where this came from. Recently, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick gushed about their love for each other to celebrate 29 years of marriage, and trust us—it doesn’t get sweeter than this.

[h/t: BuzzFeed]