Pepper sandwiches are a keto trend that people are obsessed with


Sandwiches are one of nature’s most simple and convenient foods, which explains why Americans eat 300 million of them a day.

But while sandwiches may be easy on the pocketbook and the clock, they can be hard on the waistline, as many people report that excess carbs make them feel bloated or exhausted.

Keto and carb-conscious folks seem to have found the perfect solution to this quandary — the breadless sandwich. That’s right — you don’t need the bread to enjoy a delicious sandwich.


Instead of having a plain turkey and cheese roll-up, keto-ers are mixing it up by using bell peppers as “bread” for their cold cuts.

How genius is that?


Not only do you get that nice crunch and color from the bell pepper, but these veggies are chock-full of awesome nutrients.

For example, one bell pepper has three times as much vitamin C as an orange!

This equals 169% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, meaning that just one of these breadless pepper sandwiches will more than satisfy your need for this awesome nutrient. It’s crucial for everything from our immune system to cell repair.


Even if you aren’t counting carbs, swapping bell peppers for bread can offer a host of benefits, including more energy after lunch.

Carbohydrate-heavy foods make tryptophan more available in the brain, which in turn makes you more tired. Protein-rich lunches, on the other hand, are a better bet if you want to avoid that post-lunch drowsiness.

If you are counting carbs, the good news is that you can spice up your bell pepper sandwiches with lots of healthy fats like avocado, olive oil and even mayonnaise, as fats are a crucial part of the keto diet.


Heck, you can even toss on a strip or two of bacon!

My Skinny Sweet Tooth opts for turkey, cukes, brown mustard and lettuce on their bell pepper sandwich.  Meanwhile, this “Dagwood”-style bell pepper sandwich from VitaCost is made with avocado, olives and mayo for a supremely satisfying lunch.

Or try this option from Delish, which uses green bell peppers as the mechanism for delivering a cheesy delicious meatball “sub” to your mouth.

My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Yum! Who needs bread?

If you’re committed to the keto diet, there are lots of other recipes out there to jazz up your menu.

For example, these cheesy cauliflower “biscuits” from Gimme Delicious are made with either fresh or frozen cauliflower florets and make for the perfect substitute for rolls or biscuits.

With just a few ingredients plus some spices, you’ll end up with a hearty, flavorful treat that will go perfectly with dinner, lunch or simply as a snack.

Gimme Delicious

For keto dieters with a sweet tooth, you can even make keto ice cream — with just four ingredients.

This recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie is keto-compliant as well as vegan, paleo-friendly, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free and gluten-free.

So, pretty much anyone and everyone can enjoy a scoop of this easy-to-make sweet treat!

Chocolate Covered Katie

Delicious! What are your favorite keto recipes?

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