Yes, The Perm Is Making A Comeback—And Here Is Why You Should Get One

Remember when perms used to be in style? Well, they might be making a comeback! Yes, really. As TODAY reports, some cosmopolitan salons are now adding perms back to their menu.

It makes sense if you think about it. While glossy, stick-straight locks used to be one of the most popular hairstyles, these days the latest and most beloved hair trend is simple, loose waves.

Whether you have short hair or long hair or something in between, textured, “undone” curls are the style of the day. And, for good reason! It’s a simple yet elegant style that makes your hair look polished and chic without appearing too fussy or overdone.

That being said, achieving this style is no easy feat, especially if your hair is naturally thin or lacking in texture. Enter the perm! But, don’t worry, this isn’t your momma’s perm.

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Today’s modern perms are not only healthier (using less ammonia) but they are also more about texture and body, as opposed to tight, stiff curls.

In fact, some salon owners are even seeking to “re-brand” the perm, giving it new names like the “American Wave”  to help distinguish it from its 1980s cousin. Here is a picture of the American Wave in progress:

Talk about old-school! That picture is giving me major ’80s flashbacks. But, don’t worry, the end result is so fresh, modern and urban:

Of course, it is important to remember that the American Wave isn’t exactly good for your hair. Even though it is safer for your hair than old permanents were, you are still processing the hair and doing damage to the follicle.

If you go to a reputable salon and use high-quality products before and after treatment, you can ensure that your hair stays silky and smooth. And, you might be saving yourself some heat damage in the end since you won’t be struggling with a curling wand for hours!

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What do you think? Should the perm make a comeback?