Personalized Handwriting Jewelry Is The Sweetest New Gift Idea

Turn a snippet of a love letter or your child's doodles into a beautiful bracelet or necklace.

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Much ado has been made about technology phasing out handwritten thank you notes, love letters and, some say, the art of handwriting altogether. It’s gotten to the point that some states have even introduced laws mandating the teaching of cursive handwriting in schools.

We may go days or weeks now without needing to write anything down, but that doesn’t change the fact that handwriting is still the most personal way to communicate. Which is why, when it comes to sentimental gifts, custom handwriting jewelry is in a class of its own.

Here’s a sweet example from Grace Personalized that turns the signature of a beloved parent into a pretty bracelet. It retails for $35.

Grace Personalized

Personalized handwriting jewelry first rose to prominence in the form of custom memorial pieces, almost like a tattoo: jewelry makers would turn the signature of a lost loved one into a custom keepsake the owner could wear to remember them. Etsy artist Brittany Isenberg got the idea to create a necklace based on her grandmother’s handwriting after she passed away. She cut the word “Love,” written in cursive in a card from her grandmother, out of silver and turned it into a pendant for her mom. The finished product (seen below) was so beautiful and unique that it sparked a trend.

Brittany Leigh Jewelry

Today, the sweet trend has evolved to include short notes and messages of love and many different kinds of jewelry from bracelets to rings to necklaces. Just take a picture or scan in the handwritten name, word, or phrase that you want to turn into a custom piece of jewelry, send it to one of the many talented Etsy artists offering this personalized jewelry service, and within a couple weeks, you’ll have a totally unique piece of jewelry to treasure forever. The pieces are so popular they now even retail on Amazon.


Here’s another example, which would be perfect for moms who want turn each of their children’s signatures into a trio of bracelets like the ones below from Silver Handwriting, which sell for $29 each.

Silver Handwriting Etsy Shop

Prices start at about $20 and go up from there, depending on materials. The average price for a handwriting bracelet is around $30. If you prefer your jewelry in the form of a cuff bracelet or want to use a slightly longer phrase, you can opt to have your handwritten note engraved on a cuff or bar bracelet. These cuffs from Emily J Designs are $65 each.

Emily Jane Designs

Handwriting bracelets are a great gift idea for moms, dads, siblings and partners. They’re a wonderfully unique way to memorialize someone you love, or commemorate a special event like a wedding or anniversary. From messages of love to adorably messy children’s scribbles, the possibilities are endless.

Who says the art of handwriting is a thing of the past? These days, we’re just wearing it instead of keeping it tucked away in a drawer.