PetSmart’s new Halloween collection has ‘Hocus Pocus’-themed fun for cats and dogs

PetSmart's Hocus Pocus line

Someone’s four-legged friend has apparently lit the Black Flame Candle.

PetSmart has just released a new “Hocus Pocus” product line featuring toys like magic potion catnip plushes and a “Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus” cat scratcher, plus wearable items including a bandana collar for the most sophisticated felines. The entire collection is Thackery Binx-approved, of course.

The collection is available in stores and online now through Halloween, with prices ranging from $6-$15. Take a look at just some of the products in the collection:

Black Flame Candle Cat Kicker Cat Toy

Priced at $10, this Black Flame Candle Kicker cat toy features chicken feathers as the “flame” and is filled with catnip and crinkle paper.


Binx Crinkle Sack Toy

If your cats can’t get enough of that crinkle sound, this Binx Crinkle Sack Toy is definitely for them. Priced at $13, the sack is shaped like Thackery Binx and says “It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus.” The sack is great for playing hide and seek with your feline friends, but of course they can also play with it on their own.


Trouble Is Brewing Pop-Up Tent

Priced at $13, this Trouble Is Brewing Pop-Up Tent is great as a cat bed or just for lounging. It features a fun “Hocus Pocus”-themed pattern, including the Sanderson Sisters, a cauldron, the Black Flame Candle and the witches’ modes of transportation, like Sarah’s mop and Mary’s vacuum.


Hocus Pocus Dog Tee

While most of the products are for cats, you’ll find one dog T-shirt, available in five sizes. Priced at $15, it features a cartoon image of the Sanderson Sisters brewing a potion. Thackery Binx and Winifred’s spell book are also pictured.


While not “Hocus Pocus”-themed, both Petsmart and Petco have other Halloween goodies for your fur friends as well, including full costumes.

PetSmart has costumes for all pets, including guinea pigs and reptiles. Costumes for dogs and cats include everything from sharks and dragons to “Ghostbusters” and a “Treat Inspector.”

Petco’s Halloween “Bootique” Collection is full of treats, toys like this haunted house cat scratcher, and costumes, allowing animals to dress like a kissing booth, Marie Antoinette and even a burrito. Petco even has costumes for humans so you can match your furry friend, as with this printed pajama onesie that matches this printed dog or cat outfit.


If you’re only looking for more “Hocus Pocus” fun, however, tons of products this year are out now to celebrate “Hocus Pocus 2,” which begins streaming Sept. 30 on Disney+.

You’ll find everything from a color-changing mug to a candle collection, coffeeSanderson Sisters inflatable, board game, and a coloring book. Also, a “Hocus Pocus” advent calendar celebrates the countdown to Halloween with 13 gifts like a trivia book, a keychain, a recipe card for Life Potion Punch and more.


Will you be picking up some “Hocus Pocus” toys for your furry friend?

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