PetSmart Has An Adorable Line Of Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes

These are too cute!

If you thought dressing your dogs and cats in Halloween costumes was cute, you haven’t seen anything yet! The pet supply chain PetSmart released a line of guinea pig Halloween costumes, and they’re now available to buy. These adorable little outfits will have you ready to become a guinea pig owner if you aren’t already.

You can dress your piggie up in everything from a sombrero to a unicorn costume come Oct. 31. Summer may not have officially ended yet, but these too-cute-to-be-scary costumes will have you ready for Halloween to hurry up and get here!

Here’s a look at five of the different costumes you may want to consider for your pint-sized pet:

1. Pineapple Guinea Pig Costume

Have you ever seen anything more adorable than this petite pineapple costume? Top off your guinea pig’s look with a sequined leaf hat for the ultimate tropical feel this Halloween! It’s available for just $5.99, and you’ll save 5% on your order when you buy online and pick up in a store.


2. Shark Guinea Pig Costume

You can disguise your guinea pig as a ferocious shark on Halloween when you slip him into this shark costume. The jaws open wide to provide the perfect place for your guinea pig’s head to fit — and you’re sure to be a hit at any Halloween party with this by your side. It’s available for $6.99, and you’ll save 5% when you order online but pick up in store.


3. Unicorn Guinea Pig Costume

Your guinea pig will be the most beautiful unicorn you ever saw, thanks to this pastel-colored onesie, complete with a unicorn horn headband. It’s available for $5.99 with the option to save 5% when you order online and pick up in a store.


4. Pumpkin Guinea Pig Costume

In classic Halloween style, you can also dress your guinea pig up as a plump little pumpkin. It’s seriously too adorable to resist. This outfit is available for $5.99, and you can save 5% when you order online and pick up in store.


5. Sombrero Guinea Pig Costume

Dress your piggie up in this festive little jacket and hat, complete with multicolor pom-poms. It’s colorful and adorable! What could be better for your guinea pig come Oct. 31? It’s available for just $5.99 with the chance to save 5% when you order online and pick up in a store location.



6. Mermaid Guinea Pig Costume

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, you definitely need this costume for your little pet! She’s already adorable, but how much more so would she be as a mermaid? This cute costume is available for $5.99, and like the others has an option to buy and pick up in-store for a slight discount.


Check out some of the other guinea pig Halloween costume options available on the PetSmart website.

Looking for a homemade guinea pig costume instead? There are plenty of available options on Etsy.

Will you be dressing up your pet this Halloween?