See If Your Phone Number Qualifies You For A $900 Settlement

Robot phone calls are truly the worst. But if you got a very specific robocall over the past few years, you could be entitled to some serious cash.

If you received a phone call offering you a free cruise from Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Lines between July of 2009 and March of 2014, you could be eligible for up to $900 as part of a class-action settlement.

And it’s easy to check, too–you probably don’t remember every scam call you’ve received over the past eight years, so you’re in luck.

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All you have to do to see if your phone number is part of the settlement is click here and enter your phone number.

If it pops up as being included in the settlement, you can follow the directions to file a claim online.

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A few of us here at Don’t Waste Your Money tried it and found that some of our phone numbers qualified! So chances are, you could be eligible, too.

And here’s a serious bonus: you can file a claim for up to three calls per telephone number, so your maximum payment amount could be $900 per telephone number.

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If you’re one of the lucky houses that received a call on more than one line, then you’re taking me out for dinner!

But wait, why is this happening now?

A class action lawsuit was filed, claiming that Resort Marketing Group, Inc. made a ton of these pre-recorded telemarketing calls to both landlines and cell phones.

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These robocalls offered free cruises with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian as promotions, which appears to violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (by settling, they’re not admitting fault).

“Defendants deny all of the allegations made in the lawsuit and deny they did anything wrong,” according to the lawsuit’s webpage.

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Because none of these cruise lines wanted to deal with a court case (which is almost always expensive and time consuming), they elected to settle.

And that settlement resolves all of the claims made against the various defendants. Score!

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If you’re one of the lucky ones that is actually entitled to a settlement, make sure to complete your claim form online or submit it by mail postmarked no later than November 3, 2017.

For more information about the lawsuit, head here. To learn about how you can tell when scammers are calling, continue reading.

Get Your Phone To Tell You When Scammers Are Calling

Of course, many of us are receiving tons of spammy calls a day—and most of them don’t come with any sort of compensation!

Did you know you can get your phone to alert you when someone fishy is calling?

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T-Mobile is leading the way on this. The provider rolled out two new features that will basically act as your receptionist and help you screen or block annoying scammers.

Here’s how it works: T-Mobile is using technology to compare the phone number of incoming calls against a global database of known scammers. If a match is found, the network will warn you and the incoming call will say “Scam Likely.” Or, you can block the scammers altogether by enabling Scam Block.

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T-Mobile started enabling Scam ID and Scam Block for its customers on a rolling basis in April. To enable the Scam Block on your phone, you can dial #662# and, poof, vanish scammers from your life. You can also dial #787# to check whether Scam Block is on or off on your account

T-Mobile also is rolling out the Scam ID and Scam Block features to MetroPCS customers.

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Here’s how you can block solicitors on other networks:

  • If you have AT&T, the network has a “Call Protect” app that will block and screen spam calls. The app is free for eligible customers. Contact customer service to determine whether your plan qualifies.
  • Sprint offers a Premium Caller ID feature for $2.99 a month. It will identify robocalls and spammers, and show their fraud risk level as low, medium or high.
  • Verizon doesn’t have an app or service to block robocalls just yet, but does offer up these tips for how to block anonymous calls.
  • The Wireless Association offers additional tips for stopping robocalls, and has also gathered information about the free apps that will help block these types of calls.