Moms everywhere will relate to Kim Kardashian’s struggle to get all her kids to smile for a photo

Moms everywhere can relate to Kim Kardashian West’s latest Instagram post. The mom of three is notorious for taking selfies and posting them online, but she doesn’t always talk about what went on behind the scenes or how many thousands of snaps were needed to get the perfect shot.

Recently, however, she was very honest about how difficult it can be to wrangle three kids together for a decent family photo, and the parents out there totally get it.

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The struggle is real when you’re trying to get a shot where all of your children are smiling and happy. Heck — you’d settle for one where they’re all standing still and no one is crying. But, on major holidays and special moments, it’s worth the hassle if even just one photo turns out. Oh, the things we do for the ‘gram!


Trying To Capture A Family Photo On Easter

So, it’s no surprise that the Kardashian-West family chose Easter as the perfect time to try and pose together as a happy family of five.

She managed to capture herself, her husband, Kanye West, and their three children, 4-year-old North, 2-year-old Saint and 3-month-old Chicago in one adorable family photo.

The photo actually turned out amazingly well, but the caption that came along with it is priceless:

“I don’t think you really understand how hard it is to take a good family pic,” Kardashian wrote. “This was all we got before all three kids started crying. I think I cried too.”

She also admitted that at the moment the photo was taken she was grabbing her son Saint’s shirt to keep him from running off:

Yep. You’ve been there before, right?

Other Kardashian Baby News

On Feb. 1, two weeks after Chicago West was born, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, gave birth to her first child: a baby girl named Stormi Webster.

The 20-year-old had kept her pregnancy out of the public eye, an effort that was helped, in part, by attention paid to other family pregnancies.

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Chicago West was born via gestational carrier on Jan. 15, and big sister Khloe Kardashian is due—with a baby girl!—very soon.

Best guesses put her due date sometime this month.

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