This Incredible Photo Includes Lava, A Meteor And The Milky Way In One Shot

The Milky Way, a meteor or lava flowing from a volcano are all incredible sights on their own, but imagine seeing all of them at the same time. Even better, imagine capturing all three in one stunning image. That’s exactly what photographer Mike Mezeul II did when he was at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Mezeul was shooting photos at the Kilauea Volcano when he captured a unique shot of a volcanic eruption during a meteor shower. He had hiked 13 miles in extreme landscape to get to the location, according to his Facebook page, and only spent a few seconds at the site to avoid getting burned by lava. During this moment, he managed to snap the image, and left as soon as the meteor left the shot.

Mezeul is no stranger to traversing rough terrain to get awe-inspiring shots of nature. He is an avid adventure photographer who has taken photographs from 5,000 feet in the air while hanging out of a plane, during natural disasters and even at the ocean floor, according to his website.

Mezeul’s photographs are downright jaw-dropping. Some of our favorites include these incredible waterfalls in Oregon…

… And this mind-blowingly beautiful Canadian sunset.

This Kansas tornado looks like it could whisk you straight to Oz.

Even Mezeul’s city shots are awe-inspiring. Check out this sunrise in San Francisco…

… and a particularly serene moment in the Big Apple.

To check out more of Mezeul’s striking work, you can visit his Facebook and Instagram page, where he has a spectacular collection of his photography.