This photo of a ‘melting Pomeranian’ has gone viral

If you ever find that the state of the world has got you down and you’re in need of a little pick-me-up (and let’s face it, aren’t we all?), the internet will happily provide you with a ridiculously adorable dog photo.

This week, the dog that’s cheering up the whole world is a Pomeranian. And not just any Pomeranian. It’s an absurdly fluffy Pomeranian, and it’s taking a bath, with hilarious results.

Posted to social media by Twitter user @FreddyAmazin, the pooch was instantly deemed “the melting Pomeranian” and, once you see these photos, you’ll understand why.

The melting Pomeranian starts out so fluffy it’s basically spherical, but its voluminous fur seems to melt when it hits the water, revealing a much tinier dog underneath. Perhaps the best part of these pictures is the facial expressions, though. Seriously, how precious are those reactions?

The source of the photos hasn’t been identified, which means someone out there might own an internet-famous Pomeranian and not even know it yet. The adorable photos went viral instantly, so facts and information are still trickling in.

In the meantime, the Twitter post with the melting Pomeranian image series has been shared over 25,000 times and has garnered a whopping 52,000 likes. The resounding Twitter reaction is somewhere along the lines of “OMG SO CUTE CAN’T TAKE IT,” while some users are pointing out the dog’s resemblance to a bath bomb.

If this Pomeranian’s owner ever comes forward, maybe a sponsorship from Lush could be in their future?

Meanwhile, this single tweet has reminded me how ridiculously cute Pomeranians are in the first place, which has sent me down a rabbit hole of image searches. There are over 6 million images tagged #pomeranian on Instagram alone.

I just can’t with this face. Or with any of the faces.

I leave you with this mesmerizing image, but there are eleventy billion more I can’t stop staring at. You’re welcome.


[h/t: Teen Vogue]

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