Photographer Captures Incredible Growth Of Premature Babies

The miracle of life is pretty awe-inspiring—and especially so in the case of a baby born prematurely. A premature baby has its own set of struggles to overcome throughout the growing process, and one photographer has set out to capture premies’ unique journeys.

Red Methot is a father to two premature babies himself. “My son was born at 29 weeks and my daughter at 33 weeks,” the Quebec-based photographer told Upworthy. “These are the kind of pictures I would like to have seen when my first child was born — they’ve been through that, and they are great now.”

His photography started as a school photography project and has now grown into something that’s inspiring to many. These photos portray just how strong these little ones are, as they fight from the moment they’re born.

Methot’s images show children who were born prematurely holding photos of themselves as babies. It really demonstrates just how far they’ve come to turn into the happy, healthy children they are. And there’s no need for words. These photos say it all.

1. Meet Felix

Felix was born at 24 weeks.

2. Meet Elodie

Elodie was born at 23 weeks.

3. Meet Charles-Antoine And Mara

They were born at 27 weeks.

4. Meet Sarah

Sarah was born at 34 weeks.

5. Meet Noah and Nathan

These twins were born at 32 weeks.

6. Meet Lexiani

Lexiani was born at 25 weeks.

7. Meet Eva

Eva was born at 29 weeks.

8. Meet Thomas

Thomas was born at 23 weeks.

9. Meet Margot

Margot was born at 29 weeks.

10. Meet Chloe.

Chloe was born at 32 weeks.

[h/t: The Little Things]