A photographer captured a stunning photo of these newlyweds kissing underwater

Photos from your wedding day are incredibly special no matter their setting, but one couple took their photos on their big day to the next level — they had their photographer, Kimber Greenwood of Water Bear Photography, snap one of them kissing underwater.

The picture was taken at Kelly Springs in Apopka, Fla. Greenwood posted the photo on her Instagram page, @waterbearphotography, and in the caption, she noted that the strong current was responsible for the way the skirt of the bride’s dress appears to be floating away from her.

“My other favorite from this shoot,” she wrote. “The current was strong here (see her dress?). Will had to hold me in place so I could capture this!”


What a beautiful shot!

Underwater photography is so popular that there is actually an annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest held by Underwater Photography Guide. Greenwood’s photo earned an honorable mention at the 8th annual contest in 2019.

She told the organization that the photo was taken with a Nikon D750 camera, and that the final image is actually a two-image composite.

“I love underwater portraits and this session was a dream come true!” she said of the experience.

Check out some of the other awesome photos from the shoot, as posted to Water Bear Photography’s Instagram. Here are the newlyweds on terra firma sharing a smooch before they “drenched the dress”:


This one has a particularly dream-like quality. Greenwood called this “one of my favorite images I’ve ever captured”:


This close-up shot is gorgeous as well:


This wide shot really shows off the lush landscape:


“Drench the dress” shoots have become increasingly popular in recent years. Photographer Adam Opris also specializes in underwater wedding photos, and his work is just as amazing.

Check out this gorgeous one posted to his Instagram page:


Going under the sea is not just for brides and grooms. Here he captured an expecting mom in a very special underwater maternity shoot:


Would you consider an underwater photo shoot? They make for some stunning images!