Grab Some Tissues Before You See These Photos Of A Husband Learning He’s Going To Be A Father

When mom-to-be Brianne Dow found out she was expecting, she began scheming up a brilliant plan for telling her husband, Brandon, the news. She wanted it to be a complete surprise, and she wanted to capture his reaction.

But how would she do it? She couldn’t very well carry a camera around without giving up her cover. Don’t worry, this creative young mom from Wisconsin had an accomplice by her side. Dow hired local photographer Samantha Boons to help carry out her plan.

Together the two planned a photo shoot that was, as far as Brandon knew, an average couples photo shoot. It started out as a regular, old photo shoot does: a gorgeous landscape, coordinating clothing and a few personalized props. The divergence came when the couple was asked to stand back to back and each write three words to describe each other.

As the two turned to reveal what they had written, Boons was ready with the camera. Brianne read “love, cute, sweet” on Brandon’s board while Brandon turned to see “You’re going to be a daddy.” Does it get any more adorable than that?

As expected, the shock was so emotional for the soon-to-be-daddy that he began to cry. Thankfully, Boons got the shots so that we can cry right along with him.

Needless to say, hearts have melted as these pics have gained a lot of attention. People have fallen in love with the couple and even asked for more pictures as the Dow family continues to grow.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see pregnancy reveal photos popping up all over the place after this success.