15 Photos Of Cute Dogs Playing In The Mud—Because They’re Adorable When You’re Not The One Who Has To Clean Them Up

These pups need a bath—stat!

If the smiles on these dogs’ faces are any indication, then playing in the mud must be the dog equivalent to visiting a spa—an enjoyable way to spend a day that makes your skin feel so nice! Some say that dogs have an instinctual need to get mucky, as mud may camouflage their scent and help them hide them from their enemies. Others think that canines roll around in mud just because it’s entertaining, like Cooper in the video below, who seems to be having a BALL.

Either way, washing dried mud off of fur is a big hassle for dog owners. Having to give a muddy dog a bath when his paws are caked in dirt might make you hesitate to take your dog outside the next time it’s raining. But the inconvenience is a small price to pay when your dog looks this happy, jumping in and out of mud puddles and taking a nap on top of a pile of wet muddy leaves.

Enjoy these adorable pics of muddy dogs acting all kinds of goofy—and be thankful you’re not the one who has to give these pups a bath when the fun is done!

1. There’s Nothing More Relaxing Than A Good Mud “Sesh”

2. “Mud, Schmud! Nothing Will Stop Me From Fetching This Ball.”

3. This Is The Best Feeling In The World

4. “Join Me For A Quick Dip?”

5. Splish, Splash! These Pups Are Taking A Mud Bath

6. It’s The Simple Pleasures In Life

7. She Is Not Looking Forward To A Bath

8. The Dog Park Is Even More Fun With Puddles

9. Yay For Rainy Days!

10. “Who, Me? I Haven’t Been Up To Anything.”

11. Long (Muddy) Hair, Don’t Care

12. “I Could Really Go For A Snack Right About Now.”

13. The Only Thing Better Than A Big Stick Is A Big Muddy One

14. Three Muddy Dogs = Three Times The Baths

15. “I’m Having Some ‘Me’ Time.”