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See Photos Of Disney World Flooded By Heavy Rain

You can't rain on Disney's parade!

It has proven to be an interesting year so for Disney theme parks.

There was so much rain in California one day, Disneyland was practically deserted, making for few crowds and short lines for those willing to brave the storms before the park ended up closing early. And now, it rained so hard in Florida that Disney World’s Magic Kingdom actually flooded. So, if you’re planning on visiting either amusement park, you might want to consider packing a blow-up raft in your carry-on!

According to Florida natives, rain is practically a daily occurrence for the area. So we’re sure Disney World is used to dealing with short intermissions due to weather. But flooding is a next-level weather issue that’s not quite as common. Because the rains were so heavy, the Magic Kingdom’s drainage system was unable to keep up with the downfall.

Of course, those visiting the park had to capture this rare occurrence on their phones. I mean, it’s not every day you’re practically swimming through puddles at Disney World.

Disney World reportedly carried on with its activities as normal, making just a few adjustments for all of the water.

It's a rainy day at Disney, but the fun NEVER stops!

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Instead of their normal 3 p.m. parade, they performed what they call the Rainy Day Cavalcade, during which those in the parade wear rain coats, and characters such as Minnie Mouse stay dry by riding in golf carts.

Epcot fans didn’t let the rain stop them either.

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Nevertheless, it quite literally can’t “rain on the parade” when you’re at Disney World, because the staff at Disney have planned for any eventuality.

I love how the park clears out when there's just a little torrential downpour.

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That’s what makes it the most magical place to be, no matter the weather!

Que no pare la mágia❤🏰

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