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Photos Capture The Aftermath Of Hurricane Irma At Disney World

Not even Irma can keep the happiest place on Earth down.

Epcot experienced some flooding.

Other resorts besides the Swan sustained some damage.


And in true Disney fashion, some loyal guests helped mousekeeping clean up the damage.

But thankfully, the palms along Hollywood Boulevard stayed intact.

And the Tree of Life is still standing tall!

And even during the storm, closure and all—the park was still able to make magic happen for the guests who were stuck at the resort with nowhere else to go.

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According to the Walt Disney World Twitter account, Disney workers stayed in character to keep kids company throughout Hurricane Irma. Just as actress Kristin Bell did in other parts of Florida during Irma, Disney employees went above and beyond to help provide some joy during a scary, uncertain time.

Where’s the best place to be before, after and even during a hurricane? Disney World, apparently!

Thank goodness Disney World wound up with a (mostly) happy ending.