It’s Clear From The Photos—Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Are Having A Super Romantic Vacation In Italy

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez know how to keep the romance alive. The pair is currently vacationing in Italy and, if the pictures are any indication, they are having quite the getaway.

After indulging in a family getaway for the “World Of Dance” producer’s 49th birthday in July, the duo made their way to Italy for a bit of alone time. In fact, a couple’s workout on a private yacht, an impromptu performance on a table (by Lopez, not Rodriguez) — it has all been on the agenda, and it looks like, well, exactly as fun as you might imagine it would be:

Lopez kicked off the vacation with an Instagram photo of the couple sitting on a set of stairs, both of them in all white (Lopez wore a stunning lace frock) and the caption “Capri 2018”:

The couple also strolled through a local market and surveyed colorful fruit. Rodriguez captioned the photo, “What’s your favorite fruit?”

Lopez also took advantage of the fun-filled nature of their trip with a tabletop performance of “Let’s Get Loud” at a local bar. The crowd was pleasantly surprised to say the least, and A-Rod played the role of supportive boyfriend by posting a video of his girl singing:

And even though J. Lo stole the show, Rodriguez also “performed” his own version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” while aboard a boat with Lopez. It was pretty funny:

Lopez and Rodriguez also took time to squeeze in a workout while aboard a yacht (the two are known for their famously fit bods) before kicking back to catch some rays:

Needless to say, the couple did not waste a moment of their trip, spending one-on-one time together and also taking time to hang with close friends.

Indeed, it would seem J. Lo and A-Rod know a thing or two about doing vacation right.