Photos that look like real-life glitches in the Matrix

Everyone has experienced it at one time or another — a glitch in the matrix. A scene that makes you do a double-take. An image that you struggle to make sense of.

Of course, “The Matrix” is nothing more than a cult classic and everything you see has a logical explanation, no matter how bizarre or perplexing it might be at first.

Doesn’t it?

Check out some of the most hilarious, strangest and most mind-boggling glitch pics social media has to offer.

Here, Kitty, Kitty

What’s better than snuggling and scratching the face of a sweet little kitty cat? How about a cat with a face on each end like this Redditor found? Turns out there is a fine line between cute and creepy.

Double ended cat from confusing_perspective

Car-Painting Tree?

Apparently, as you drive past the magical tree trunk shared in this Twitter post, your car receives a color upgrade. Either that, or it’s a portal showing parallel timelines in which someone made a different paint selection. Or maybe these people only painted half of their car.

Dog’s Best Friend

Some pet owners are so close to their pups that they might say it’s hard to tell where their dogs end and they begin. We’re not quite sure who’s the good boy in this picture from Reddit. Either way, we would boop his nose.

hmmm from hmmm

Corner of North and South

We’re not sure, but one would think a city planner should have some sort of degree. Or, at the very least, some sense of direction. Anyway, can you pick us up where North meets South? According to this Instagram post, it’s somewhere chilly.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

At first glance, it appears that this doggo from Instagram has some impressive cycling skills. Who knows? Maybe he does.

Unusual Weather

If you’re heading out, you might want to grab an umbrella. Maybe a bucket. The sky looks a little fishy. Brandon Strack shared this confusing perspective on Instagram.

Two-Headed Pupper

You’ve heard of Cerberus, the mythological three-headed dog guarding the gates of the Underworld. Now, meet his far less-menacing cousin, Retrieverus as shared on Reddit. He guards the gates of Suburbia, and if you try to pass, he’ll attack you with sloppy kisses.

Is this 2 dogs fusing together, or 1 dog splitting up into 2? from shittyaskscience

The Edge of the World

If you see this apartment building shared by BrigadierBearThe3rd on Reddit, you’ve obviously reached the end of the simulation. Either that or it hasn’t finished rendering. Don’t walk by it too closely or you’ll slice your elbow.

A 2D building I found in Amsterdam from confusing_perspective

Glitching Shadow

Instagrammer @fredmansepistlar found what looks like boringly normal fencing between a road and a rail track. Upon close inspection, though, you can see the entrance to another dimension. What other explanation could there be?

Kona Twins

It’s quite rare to find a set of identical twin Hyundais in the wild. These young siblings were spotted in Oregon and shared on Instagram by @themeatsmith. You can tell which one was born first by the license plates.

Rogue Pole

This is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t text and drive. A few seconds of your eyes off the road are all it takes to hit a telephone pole. It can happen even more quickly when the pole is trying to impale your car, such as the accident this Redditor’s friend experienced.

Glitch in the matrix car wreck my friend was in. from pics

Google Maps Matrix

Seasoned time travelers know you must avoid running into yourself. Otherwise, you risk creating a paradox that could change life as we know it. Apparently, this woman caught by the Google Maps camera didn’t get the memo, and a keen Redditor noticed.

I found a glitch in the matrix on google maps from funny

Low-Budget Video Trees

They might look like the background of a less-than-top-rated game, but these angular trees are the real deal. According to this Reddit post, they are the trees in Schonnbrun. The gardeners at this Baroque Austrian park use an 18th century tree-trimming method.

The trees in Schonnbrun from pics

Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

Redditor ombrecutter shared this photo in the SubwayCreatures subreddit. However, we think it fits squarely in the Matrix glitch category. Not sure which was the original or what command they used to flip the third guy.

A glitch in the Matrix from SubwayCreatures

Come Sail Away

Boats that levitate or aircraft that can float? Although this image shared on Reddit looks like a video game in need of fixing, it’s apparently a real photo. A Fata Morgana is a type of ocean mirage that can make ships appear to fly.

Having some issues with water LOD, anyone know a fix? from GlitchInTheMatrix

Daylight Failed to Load

In this apparent simulation, the sunshine started loading from the left. Halfway through — exactly at the light pole, to be precise — it glitched. However, Redditor caitwcam would have you believe it’s the result of a shadow.

This shadow that perfectly lined up with the light pole from mildlyinteresting

Skateboarder Getting Air

This is a glitch, pure and simple. What else could it be? Well, according to the Redditor who posted it, this is actually a skateboarder inside of a mirrored box in a Parisian mall.

A glitch in the matrix from pics

Cat Glitch

Cats are infamous for their involvement in Matrix glitches. Case in point: this Instagram post. It’s obvious by the larger cat’s expression that the appearance of the mini cat is a little freaky.

Floating Flora

These lake houses are rather quaint, although the grass dangling from the sky is slightly unnerving. Fortunately, the photographer who shared this image on Instagram offers an explanation. The upside down pic turned the lake into the sky.

Bowling Advantage

Instagrammer Alan Ecker (@pwneralan) was having a fun night bowling with his buddies when he experienced a glitch.

“I think my arm might be a little longer than normal,” he wrote. Oh? We didn’t notice (and if we did, we’re too polite to mention it).

Reflection Glitch

Redditor zoebee posted a pic of her kitty Ozzie in their new house. Sweet Ozzie is missing one eye and is blind in the other, but it was adorable how it looked like he was looking right at her in the reflection as zoebee snapped his picture. Oh, wait.

So we moved into a new house and found there’s a glitch in the matrix. from confusing_perspective

Polydactyl Cat?

They say the only reason cats haven’t taken over is because they have no thumbs, but what about toes? An Instagrammer shared a pic of his Maine Coon kitty. Suffice it to say, we could be in trouble.

Quite an Arm on That Kid

Parents sometimes bicker about whose eyes or smile or personality their child has. They might even take to Instagram for feedback. In this case, @captainahmazing posted a pic of his little guy. I think it’s safe to say he’s got his dad’s arm.


Is it a bird with a half human head or a girl with a strange eye and face paint? Perhaps a new breed of superhero, or maybe a relative of Nigel Thornberry? We may never know because the Redditor who posted this pic hasn’t said a peep.

Perfectly timed from woahdude

Whatever Floats Your Boat

This Reddit post is yet another with a mind-blowing perspective. Apparently, the photo was taken from the right height and distance to make it look as though the boats are above the land. That or it’s a glitch.

Confusing perspective of floating boats from interestingasfuck

Car Wash Nightmare

Who let in the giant pigeons? Redditor ChuckNorrisarus shared this photo with a confusing perspective. Look closely and you can see the ledge where the birds are sitting and from which the photographer is shooting.

Where did we park the car? from confusing_perspective

Tower in the Sky

A Redditor shared this photo of a mosque in Casablanca. While it appears to be floating in the sky, another Redditor clarified.

“Geeze. This is clearly not floating,” wrote jet_heller. “It’s clear that it’s sitting on the tree. Nothing confusing.”

“Floating” tower from confusing_perspective

Imagine the Hairballs

Long cat, long cat, what are they feeding you? Redditor atablue posted this long cat pic. Seriously, though what do you feed a kitty like that? And where can we get one?

Long cat is long from confusing_perspective

Magic Carpet Ride

A Redditor shared what must be a shot from the live-action remake of “Aladdin.” Interesting choice for the role of Jasmine. But, where is her shadow?

Flying carpet from confusing_perspective


This genetic engineering is getting out of hand. What is the benefit of a huge, four-legged, flightless bird, such as this one posted on Reddit? Do you want Jurassic Park? Because this seems like a step in that direction.

These two ostriches standing so close they look like a four-legged one from confusing_perspective