Photographer transforms pregnant women into Disney princesses

If you want to forget about your heartburn and swollen ankles and feel a little more like royalty during pregnancy, Brazilian photographer Vanessa Firme is the person to make it happen. Her stunning maternity photo shoots transform expectant moms into real-life Disney princesses, creating keepsakes that will delight their future kids as much as the parents themselves.

Whether she’s dressed as Cinderella or the Little Mermaid, each mom-to-be cradles her bump in these beautiful images.

Firme, who is a mom of two, told Insider that she wanted her images to show what the life of a Disney princess looks like after the movie ends. “I thought, this must be what happens after ‘happily ever after,'” she said.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Firme said she got the inspiration for her themed photo shoots from a custom-made Belle maternity dress, which she received from maternity designer Amada Mae around the time the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” film was released in 2017.

Firme told Insider that she believes Disney princesses are the perfect way to celebrate moms because they’re “a great inspiration to children in the world.”

And it’s not just Disney princesses who feature in her shoots; she’s also paid homage to Princess Fiona from “Shrek,” complete with her signature green dress, long braid and ogre ears.

Unsurprisingly, Firme’s Disney-inspired pregnancy pics have gone viral. She told the U.K.’s Metro how much she enjoys her job. “It is very fun and pleasurable to see someone transform into a princess and I often think about how it will be written in family history,” she said.

For Firme, her photographs are so much more than cute snapshots of a moment in time. “These photos tell mothers that they can all be whoever they want to be,” she told “Good Morning America.”

Who said pregnancy photo shoots had to be predictable?

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