These photos of people going to great lengths to rescue Hurricane Harvey victims will inspire you

Hurricane Harvey is the biggest storm to hit Texas in 50 years. It left 10 dead and many, many more stranded and injured. Rain continues to fall, as forecasters predict a total of 50 inches by Aug. 30.

But that hasn’t stopped police officers, celebrities and good Samaritans to come to the rescue of the Hurricane Harvey victims. Police officers from surrounding towns, people dedicated to driving animals to safety and others have come together in a time of need—and it’s truly inspiring.

These photos capture just some of the heroic efforts to aid those who lost their homes and belongings to this devastating hurricane. People are using jet skis, boats, flotation devices and any means possible to get into Houston to rescue survivors of the storm.

Hurricane Harvey photo
Getty Images | Win McNamee

Fellow Texans are coming from nearby towns to do whatever they can to help. Former
“Bachelor” contestant Sean Lowe used his boat to assist with rescue missions.

Their efforts are helping children, elderly and animals.

Hurricane Harvey photo
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

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Families escaped with whatever belongings they could.

Hurricane Harvey photo
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

In a lot of cases, that meant taking only backpacks and the clothes on their backs. Instagram user Keith Poche, who was helping people after the storms, shared this photo.

Many citizens are working hard to pitch in, but the courageous employees from surrounding police departments and hospitals are doing whatever they can—even if that means leaving their own families behind. This little girl wished her dad luck as he went out to save others. Take a look at the touching handwritten note shared by the Waco Police Department.

Many rescue missions are underway, as depicted in this photo shared by Mario Forte, a pastor who wrote on Instagram that his church was pitching in to help out.

That goes for all living creatures affected—people and animals alike. Texas animal boarding company A Crate Escape share this photo on its Instagram page, announcing that they were available to help with pets affected by the hurricane.

Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Dallas has taken in NICU babies from Houston as part of their efforts to lend a helping hand.

Because, at the end of the day, there’s only one thing that matters here: helping people who need it. People are risking a lot to save lives. And thank goodness they are! This video shared by CNN pretty much sums it up:

If you can’t get to Texas, there are many ways you can pitch in from wherever you are.

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Donating to organizations such as the American Red Cross, among others, will surely go a long way in providing some relief. Find out more ways you can help Hurricane Harvey victims.