Pickle ice cream is now a reality

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Pickles have been enjoying a moment for many moments now. From pickle mozzarella sticks to bacon pickle fries and even pickle beers and pickle martinis, it seems like almost everything under the sun can — and will — be pickle-flavored.

There’s even soft-serve ice cream that tastes like those vinegar-soaked treats! Pickle-flavored ice cream is a genius creation on offer at the Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co., a spot in New York’s Upper West Side.

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. was created by Jacob Hadjigeorgis, the founder of Jacob’s Pickles and Maison Pickle. The fast-casual restaurant has dumplings, noodles, a pickle kiosk and yes, pickle-flavored soft-serve ice cream.

Check out a picture of the pale-green soft-serve treat, as posted on Twitter by @greenietravels:

The New York Times compared the dessert to “cucumber frozen yogurt,” which sounds refreshing!

As of now, the pickle ice cream is still listed on the Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.’s website menu, and you can see more images of it — like this one and this one — on the restaurant’s Instagram page.

Other Desserts For Pickle Lovers

You don’t have to travel all the way to New York to find some delicious pickle-flavored desserts. There are many restaurants that are catering to the pickle’s new place as a sweet treat.


For starters, you might check out Van Holten’s Pickle-Ice pops, which are flavored with real pickle brine.

Not only will these ice pops satisfy your sweet tooth and your pickle cravings, but they are also packed with electrolytes and promise to help keep you hydrated on hot days.

They are available at Walmart and on Amazon.

Van Holten's Pickles

Or maybe you’d like to whip up a batch of pickle cupcakes. Yes, pickle cupcakes are also a thing. The batter includes pickle juice, as well as chopped pickles.

The cream cheese frosting is spiked with bourbon, and the cupcakes are garnished with a pickle, of course!

This video from Delish explains how to make these strangely intriguing confections:

When the holidays roll around again, you’ll want to pick up a few boxes of pickle candy canes. Perfect for stuffing the stockings of all the pickle-lovers in your life!

You can buy a box of six candy canes on Amazon.


And if you are feeling up for a challenge, you can also make your own pickle-flavored ice cream at home!

This video, posted to YouTube by Well Done, explains how to do it:

The New York Times also has an online recipe for peanut butter and pickle ice cream, which sounds like the perfect treat for a woman experiencing intense pregnancy cravings!

Are you still loving the pickle trend or are you over it?