Pickle juice is the secret to the juiciest fried chicken you’ve ever tasted

The Salty Pot

If you ask me, fried chicken is kind of a perfect food. It doesn’t really need a whole lot to jazz it up, but that doesn’t stop people from finding a way to do just that. From Nashville hot chicken to faux-fried to pizza with a fried chicken crust, there are a lot of fun twists on this popular classic.

The next recipe we recommend trying in order to level up your fried chicken game is pickle-brined fried chicken. Marinating the chicken breasts for six to 12 hours before seasoning and frying is the secret to super-moist, unbelievably flavorful fried chicken.

This recipe from The Salty Pot breaks down exactly how to execute this tangy, juicy fried chicken delight.

The Salty Pot

Pickle-flavored everything has been having a moment for a while. If you’re worried about the pickle flavor being too overwhelming in this recipe, Joanne, the blogger behind The Salty Pot, promises it won’t taste like biting into a giant pickle.

You can use pickle juice from a jar of store-bought pickles, or, if you’re up for it, you could also make your own pickles. Shake one piece of chicken at a time in your seasoned flour mix to ensure each piece is fully and properly coated, which will help the chicken come out perfectly crispy once you’ve fried it.

The Salty Pot

You’ll fry each piece for about seven to eight minutes. If you find it’s browning too quickly, that’s a clear sign to turn down the heat a bit.

I don’t see this irresistible fried chicken lasting too long in my house but if you want to make a big batch, it also freezes pretty well. If you go that route, just let the chicken thaw before reheating and crisping it in the oven.

Looking for more ways to pair pickles with chicken? Check out this recipe for dill pickle chicken salad, which makes a perfect sandwich to pack for lunch or a yummy picnic addition.

Long live pickles and chicken!


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