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Pickle Lovers Are Gonna Want This Handy Condiment Fork

Based on the reviews, it is worth every penny!

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Salty, crunchy and oh-so-satisfying. Yes, I’m talking about the magical treats that are pickles. While delicious as a topping on your favorite sandwich or as a base for brines used in fancy cocktails, how great is it to simply eat one straight out of the jar? Dill, gherkins, bread and butter pickles … I don’t discriminate.

They’re a great midnight snack when you’re looking for that savory, burst of flavor in a fridge that might not have much else. But the only drawback to a late-night pickle binge? Those suckers are hard to get out of the jar with no mess.

Use your hands and you’ve got pickle juice everywhere. Use a fork and now you have a dirty fork. Is there an easier way? There absolutely is!


Enter the FridgeFork by Chef’n. You’ll soon figure out this condiment fork is a must-have kitchen accessory.

According to its description on Amazon, the device is an “innovative condiment fork [that] allows you to access your favorite pickles or condiments without constantly dirtying utensils or getting your fingers wet.”


This invention comes with a band that attaches to the rim of the pickle jar and a super-convenient storage holster for your new stainless-steel fork. To make things even better, it’s dishwasher safe and less than $9.

“What a great little invention!” says one thrilled review on Amazon. “Who knew that we needed one of these things, but what a handy little gadget to have.” This happy camper really puts this into perspective by ending the review with this truth bomb: “Score big points with your foodie friends. They may have knives and copper pots that cost a gazillion dollars, but I bet they don’t have one of these!”

And that person wasn’t alone. The Chef’n FridgeFork has about 200 reviews for an average 4.5-star score!

So there you have it. One of the best kitchen accessories you never knew you needed!