You’re not a true pickle lover unless you fill your pool with these pickle floats

Rhode Island Novelty / Simplemost Illustration

Pickles are having a moment. In recent months, these fermented cucumbers have invaded everything from the bar to the bakery to the slush menu at Sonic.

So, why shouldn’t they invade your swimming pool, too?

If you are a card-carrying pickle lover and you happen to have a swimming pool, you’ve got to fill it with inflatable pickles. Yes, you read that correctly. On Amazon right now, there are three-foot long inflatable pickles selling for less than $5 apiece.

But these aren’t just garden-variety, boring pickles. These inflatable pickles are personable, with a massive smile plastered on their face:

Rhode Island Novelty / Amazon

Who can blame him for smiling? He’s the hottest vinegar-soaked item in dining today.

These inflatable pickles are normally listed at $12.99 each but are currently listed at $4.59 each. If you’re a serious pickle fiend, there’s also a three-pack and a six-pack available.

However, the Amazon reviews were mixed. There are plenty of five-star raves (“Best $5 I’ve ever spent”), but the unhappy customers complained that the inflatable pickles are “cheaply made” and had difficulty staying inflated.

The inflatable pickle is made by Rhode Island Novelty, a company that brought you such tasteful items as a pillow that looks like a hamburger, a hat that looks like the poop emoji and a backpack that has a tyrannosaurus rex on it. Actually, I kind of want that backpack.

If you want to make your pool look even more awesome this summer but pickles aren’t really your thing, fear not — there are a ton of other great inflatables on Amazon. If you still want to go the food route, how about a massive inflatable pineapple, a wine bottle pool float or a six-foot long piece of pizza?

pool raft photo
Flickr | wyldwest

If pop culture is more your bag, you can float on a giant inflatable baseball glove or a Millennium Falcon raft!

Elsewhere on the internet, you can find giant, multi-person peacocks, flamingoes or unicorns (of course) to float on, as well as a huge retro convertible.

One thing is for certain: If you’re not floating on something weird that doesn’t belong in the pool, you’re doing summer wrong.

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