Pickled Brussels sprouts are now a thing—Here’s how to get them

In case you were unaware, you can pickle pretty much anything—and the mother-son duo at Brooklyn Whatever are here to prove it to you! They’ve created pickled Brussels sprouts, and they might just be your new favorite snack option … if you’re into vegetables soaked in a pickling solution comprised of vinegar and salt, anyway.

Brooklyn Whatever calls its pickle creations Shpickles when it’s referring to any vegetable that’s not a cucumber. Along with Brussels sprouts, you can also purchase pickled carrots, string beans and more from the company’s website.

Brooklyn Whatever

Of course, a jar of Shpickles is a bit more pricey than your typical dill spears. At Brooklyn Whatever’s site, you can score three cans of Brussels sprouts Shpickles for $30. You can’t buy a single jar individually from the website but, obviously, that price puts them at about $10 each. Brooklyn Whatever also sells in select stores, so if you’re lucky—you may be able to pick up a jar (0r 20) on your next run to the grocery.

The owners of Brooklyn Whatever, Rachel and Abe Shamah, recently walked Delish through their pickling process. Check it out below.

Honestly, it seems like the most difficult part may be waiting for the sprouts to ferment!

But, if you’re short on patience and are thinking about trying something like this at home, there’s a way you can speed the process up and “quick pickle.” According to Kitchn, you can quick pickle any vegetable with equal parts vinegar and water alone with one tablespoon salt. Then, all you have to do is wait 48 hours before cracking the jars open!

If you want to really let the veggies ferment, however, there’s also a recipe that can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to be ready to eat. You can see the details at My Humble Kitchen.

homemade pickles photo
Flickr | Flyinace2000

And if you happen to be interested in other unique ways to enjoy Brussels sprouts, you can also enjoy them on pizza thanks to a creative recipe from Naturally Ella.

Naturally Ella

Then, there’s also the option to have them baked to perfection in a parmesan and bread crumble mixture, courtesy of Damn Delicious.

Damn Delicious

You’ll never think of Brussels sprouts the same way! I wish these recipes had been popular when I was a kid.


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