No Photoshop needed for incredible picture of a bird carrying a shark carrying a fish

Doc Jon / Facebook

In the age of Photoshop, sometimes an extraordinary image seems to be too good to be true. That certainly was the case when a Florida photographer managed to snag a few snaps of a hawk carrying a shark with its talons — which itself was holding a fish in its mouth!

The photographer, who goes by Doc Jon, claims the stunning photos are all-natural and were not the result of digital manipulation. The stunning occurrence was captured on camera in Madeira Beach, near St. Petersburg, Florida.

Doc Jon posted the amazing photos to his Facebook page:

In his caption of the images, Jon calls the best photo he’s ever taken, judging by content rather than quality. And the internet has apparently agreed because his Facebook post has now been shared more than 6,000 times and liked more than 2,000 times!

He was about 500 feet below the bird and, at first, he thought he’d just taken a picture of an osprey with a fish in its mouth.

“He was circling me with a fish in his talons,” Doc Jon told DIY Photography. “I couldn’t make out the fish from that distance, but I took several photos.”

When he got home and started editing the photo, he realized what he’d captured and knew he had a great shot on his hands.

“I knew immediately this was going to go viral but had no idea it would be this big and be all over the globe,” he told DIY Photography.

Doc Jon has been photographing nature and wildlife for six years, and while this particular set of photos may be the most astonishing he has taken, it wasn’t the only time he’s documented the food chain in action. Check out this photo of a great egret with its prey:

And here’s a lizard attempting to save himself from a terrible fate:

Doc Jon has some serious skills with a camera!

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